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Trust Your Lawyers

Our lawyers and accountants have 20 years of experience. Both Americans and Thais bringing the best of both backgrounds to a unified and unique set of services.


Personal Relationship with your lawyer

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Unique Skill Set


Retainer Agreement

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We provide the
following expertise:

  1. All US and Thai Tax Services  (returns /planning/cap gains)

  2. Citizenship by Investment & Residence by Investment

  3. Health Insurance & Investment Counsel 

  4. Thai Accounting

  5. Business Registration for Foreigners - Thai LTD & BOI

  6. US Social Security & Overturning Denials.

  7. Permanent Residence Visas, LTR VisasRetirement Visas, and Marriage Visas

  8. General Thai law and litigation

  9. Thai Prenuptial Agreement

  10. Thai Last Will & Testament  

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Jeremy, our director, is an American lawyer specializing in tax. However, after 20 years in Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam, he has diversified into multiple arenas, lately the study and interplay among law, tradition, and culture in ASEAN.

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