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Tax Services

Thai & US Taxes and Tax Returns

With both US and Thai lawyers and accountants, NAPA can handle not only your tax returns, but your tax structure and general counsel throughout the year, whether you are an individual or a business.

Jeremy Mazzola has been doing tax returns for over twenty years and tax returns in Asia since 2003. He has an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), and he specializes in individuals and corporations with both US and Thai tax liability. Jeremy oversees all US returns personally. 

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Crypto Advice, Tax and Planning for all Nationalities
  • Where, when, and how much do I pay taxes for my gains on cryptocurrencies?
    Must I? 

  • Can I offset my gains? 

  • Crypto wallets

  • Which are the best brokers? 

In the US, crypto is treated as property and is subject to usual capital gains laws if held for more than a year. If it was held for less, it is ordinary income. But there are an entire set of conditions to apply, deductions to make, credits to be applied—we can help you to minimize this to the lowest amount possible while still following the laws of the US or of the country you are from. Where, when, and how you sell your crypto is also of importance. Give us the reins. We can help. 

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Cryto IRAs - Crypto to Retirement

  • How does it work? Is it a good deal? 

  • Which are the best cryptocurrency IRA companies? 

  • Can I put or trade crypto in my older, more mainstream broker's IRAs? 

We can help you set up a IRA for your cryptocurrencies into a custodial account where you keep direct control of your coins, or we can help you to get crypto into your existing IRA with a more traditional broker, like Charles Schwab or Etrade.  This is possible with both traditional IRA and Roth IRAs. And of course, we can help you set up IRAs for traditional securities, too. 

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Thai Law and Accounting

Thai Law and Litigation (Civil & Criminal)

One of our founding partners is a Thai litigator, and he has been for almost 20 years. In Thailand, a foreigner cannot be your representation in a court—you must have Thai counsel. But at NAPA, our Western counsel can be with you and keep you updated every step of the way. 

If you are arrested in Thailand, BE SILENT! Please. Be polite to the police, but say nothing. Ask for your lawyer and for a counselor representative. In Thailand you have the right to counsel, they must allow you to contact that counsel, and you have no obligation to speak. Anything you say will be used against you. 

Call us at NAPA for experienced criminal lawyers.

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Thai Accounting: CPAs and Licensed Auditors

One of our founding partners is a Thai CPA. We also have Thai auditors with us, or contract counsel for both during tax time. Have your taxes done by the same company that is doing your US taxes. One tax return can help minimize the tax due to the other. 

And of course, we can do your Thai taxes or your annual audits for your Thai businesses alone. Our founding CPA has 20 years of experience, and we groom our other accountants and auditors from a pool of substantial experience.

Business Registration for Foreigners (flat fee) & Visas and Work Permits

Visas for foreigners in Thailand are usually a service that we retain for only our business licensing clients. However, we have made exceptions. Call us for a question. 

One of our original services is registering and licensing Thai limited companies for foreign shareholders. We can create a Thai business for you, whether it be a partnership or a limited Thai corporation, while the Westerner still maintains complete control over the business, including all financial aspects, as well as the right to determine what happens to revenues and profits. 

​We can register your business within 10 - 15 days.  Moreover, we charge a flat fee. We will interview you at the beginning, then go back to analyze your needs, and return with one fee that will not change. Many Thai companies will set one fee for each step of the process, seemingly doing the registration for a fraction of what the overall cost will be at the end. Nobody can register a Westerner-controlled business for 10,000 baht!


​Please call us to understand your options. It will be flat fee with a close estimate of the Thai processing and license fees.  

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US Social Security Applications and Overturning Denials

Was your Social Security denied? Do you want your checks paid directly to your Thai bank?

We assist in any problems with social security while you are living in Thailand, Southeast Asia, or anywhere abroad. This incudes filing the initial application, bypassing American banks and depositing checks into your Thai or international bank of your choice. 

Have you been denied your social security ‘because of your work”? This is a common problem, especially for English teachers or other part-time semi-retired Americans. This is one of our favorite problems to solve.

Nobody should be denied their social security contributions for any reason! When applying from abroad, some small technicalities affect the Social Security Services in Baltimore if living or applying for social security overseas. The offices in Manilla do not do original applications.

Please call us. Our partner Jack likes nothing more than getting social security payments re-awarded to deserving Americans. 

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