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NAPA's Partners

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Jeremy Mazzola BSc., Juris Doctor

Jeremy is an attorney from New York City that has been practicing and living in Southeast Asia since 2003. Jeremy has a Juris Doctor from St. John's Law School in New York City.


Starting his first tax firm in Bangkok in 2004, Jeremy decided to make Asia his home.  In 2008, Jeremy began consulting for NGOs and multilateral development banks. Jeremy has consulted for the Asian Development Bank, the UNDP, the ITC, and others. He consulted full time for the World Bank from 2010 to 2015.

Sanya Bualop LLB


Sanya has been litigating almost since he graduated law school in Bangkok, with a Legum Baccalaureus  (LLB) from Ramkamhaeng University Law School in Bangkok.  Before breaking out on his own, he spent a few years with a large litigation firm. 

He has since been litigating in courts throughout Thailand and has been doing so for almost twenty years.

Sanya is Napa's primary Thai law counsel and director of litigation.

Wannapa Bualop BBA, MBA

Wannapa Bualop Mazzola has both a BBA and an MBA in accounting and finance and banking from Ramkamhaeng University in Thailand.  


Wannapa has been working as an accountant for the last 20 years, as well as creating corporate structures for foreign owned businesses and applying for both work permits and business and retirement visas for Westerners living in Thailand. Wannapa most recently worked as an accountant for IndoramaPloymer Ventures, one of the top twenty publicly traded companies on the Thai stock exchange and SET member.

Naphatthanan Theerachmathakul 
B.Sc Engineering 


Naphatthanan is our general manager, specifically for Thai related business. She has a bachelor's in mechanical engineering from the University of The Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok.  She also has further studies in graphic design with ISO 9000. Naphatthanan has also worked in marketing  and IT.

With NAPA, she takes care of advertising, design, marketing, and general management--as well as technical advice on construction-related clients.   

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