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Alameda invests $75M into Voyager: NFT & derivatives with Alameda possible future

Alameda, one of the largest crypto markets on the planet, has just invested $75 million USD into Voyager. This came on the heels of the announcement that Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks (NBA Basketball) struck a five year exclusive deal. (VYGVF was up 37.25% yesterday).

Alameda trades over $5 Billion USD per day across all their products. Cuban and the Mavs brought the PR and advertising bump on Wednesday. Alameda brought the $ and the advanced financial tech.

Big day for the guys from NY. Oh, and the dude at the Mavericks game taking the promotional half court shot for $100,000 from Voyager made it! He walked from half court and flashed the Voyager on his t-shirt with his hands, giving them a bargain for that 100K.

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