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Blue Pill or Red pill? 1st week November Review


Bitcoin and Ether blast through all time highs; Coinbase is now making loans up to US $1 million. The CEO of micro strategy now personally owns more than a billion dollars in Bitcoin, and his company owns more than 7 billion USD. New York City and Miami brawl it out to become the crypto capital of the states while McDonald's and Burger King start their crypto competition with NFT giveaways. Warner Brothers and Quentin Tarantino start offering NFTs for the new Matrix and Pulp Fiction.

Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum has hit new heights probably because of institutional players introducing Ethereum futures that are 1/10 size of the actual future attracts like the BTC futures ETFs, and BAKKT is going to offer an Ethereum spot ETF—or try to….

Coinbase lending to 1 million USD

US customers can borrow up to $1 million from Coinbase using Bitcoin as collateral with no credit check whatsoever. The customers can borrow 40% of their collateral with no fees or paperwork, acquire approval extremely quickly, and transfer the loan funds to either PayPal or their bank accounts.

El Salvadorian cryptocurrency schools

El Salvador is using its profits from buying the Bitcoin dips to create free Bitcoin schools for its citizens to educate them on cryptocurrency and the new citizen wallets for their new national currency, Bitcoin.

Miami and New York Mayors fight for crypto capital of the US

The mayor elect of New York City, Eric Adams, and the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, compete to become the crypto capital. While it would seem that New York City would have an advantage, crypto licensing in the state is unbelievably difficult. Voyager Digital has still not received its NYS license (it received the other 49 licenses well over a year ago). Furthermore, Voyager became the first American company, let alone the first non-European company, to become licensed in Europe! But to the dismay of many New Yorkers, they're still waiting for their New York state license...

The crypto-capitol fight hasn't gotten serious, yet. The Miami mayor will get his next paycheck in Bitcoin. In response, the mayor-elect of New York City says he'll get his first three paychecks in Bitcoin.

The Matrix Resurrections offers cool new NFTs while Quentin Tarantino offers cool old NFTs

Hollywood gets into the game, with Quentin Tarantino offering never before seen clips of pulp fiction as NFTs. Warner Bros goes a little deeper offering NFTs for the new Matrix movie, The Matrix resurrections. Soon 100,000 NFT avatars will drop with the option to take either a blue pill or a red pill—just like the famous option in the first movie. If you take the blue pill, you remain as your avatar inside the matrix. If you take the red, you change to... something. I'm not a real NFT guy, but I definitely like The Matrix plan! The red or blue pill option is genius. I also think that the avatars will go for big money because there's only 100,000—but more importantly, the kind of people that got rich off cryptocurrency are very much the kind of people that loved the Matrix, especially the first movie. Yeah, these NFTs are going to go for big bucks.

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