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Mark Cuban picks a crypto-team! Voyager Digital

Mark Cuban, and the Dallas Mavericks, the national basketball association team that he owns, has just entered into a 5-year exclusive partnership agreement with Voyager Digital---the best crypto broker out there. Cuban has been a long time proponent of crypto; his joining not only himself, but his basketball team (for you non-American/non-basketball fans, his pride and joy... I swear he treats them like his children...). Cuban's big personality and sometimes over the top opinions will bring a lot of focus to the most professional brokers out there now.

If you don't know about Voyager, they come from the guys from E-Trade in the late '90s and early 00s. Steve Ehrlich was the CEO of them back then, and he is the CEO of Voyager now. Gerard Hanshe and others followed him to start Voyager. (I must admit to my conflict here---I knew and partied with the E-TRADE guys back then. My brother and first cousin worked there. Those were the Manhattan fun days boy! My first cousin, who also went to the same law school as me, is now their COO).

Voyager has always had the idea that crypto would eventually be regulated and they prepared their strategy for this, their internal rules, everything, to that end.

And in even bigger news for Voyager (getting less attention and having less affect on their share price) Voyager also became the first non-European digital brokerage to become licensed in the European Union.

EU citizens will be able to become Voyager clients in March of 2022. Now I have to add the Mavericks to my Brooklyn Nets. At least their in a different conference...

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