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Now Taxes on Worldwide Assets! Not just income brought into Thailand. They're trying to tax it all.

New Overseas Income Tax Rules

PUBLISHED : 5 JUN 2024 AT 08:17


The Revenue Department is preparing to amend a law to collect taxes from individuals who have income from abroad, even if that income is not brought into the country.

According to Kulaya Tantitemit, director-general of the department, the current tax law calls for individuals who reside in Thailand for more than 180 days per year to pay taxes to Thailand if they have income from abroad. If that income is brought into the country, it is subject to personal income tax payments to the department.

However, she said the Revenue Department is amending the law using the principle of worldwide income, whereby taxation is based on the residency of the individual in that country, regardless of whether the income is from domestic or foreign sources.

Ms Kulaya said the department plans to expand the tax base by requiring platforms with an income of 1 billion baht or more to report their sources of income.

The department will use this information to verify their tax compliance, she said

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